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What do you see when you see those experiencing homelessness?

On a sunny, cool, Saturday morning Francis stayed home missing her daughter’s tournament to greet me and my friends from House to Home. She has graduated from the Orange County Rescue Mission and we had the privilege of transforming her apartment into a home. She told us that she has seen her daughter practice every day so she knows exactly what she’s missing. 

This is my chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I spent hours in Lynn’s garage picking out the items we used to decorate Francis’s home. We met Francis and her sweet son and sent them off to lunch. 

We cleaned, organized, decorated, repaired and double checked for hours. Is everything right, will they like it? When our team had finished, Francis returned with both her daughter and her son. As they entered their house, her young son began smiling from ear-to-ear, her daughter’s eyes  and Francis’s eyes were tearing up. They LOVED it! 

She told us her story and we prayed with her. That Saturday in a little house in Buena Park, I was the hands and feet of Jesus… but I was his eyes too… because although I heard her story, all I saw was a beautiful young lady who loves her children and loves the Lord! 

I saw Francis, the way Jesus sees her, as though I was seeing with his eyes of compassion. I am so blessed to be able to experience this. 

Kim Nichols

Francis has done so well having graduated from the Orange County Rescue Mission program. Please pray for Francis as she is currently in a custody battle for reunification with her six-year-old son, Andrew. He wants to live with his mother and sister in their new home. Francis currently has limited visitation with him.  

We want to thank everyone who donated furniture or finances to help end homelessness for this young single mother and her children. And a big shout out to the H2H team at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente for turning their empty house into a home where family memories can be cherished for years to come as they lean on their faith in Jesus Christ.

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