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“I was lost in my addiction, heart-broken and lonely, thinking no one cared about me. 

I had compromised on relationships and was blinded to the lies that were being told to me. I was how they say “looking for love in all the wrong places” and I found it. 

I tried to get back up on my feet but I wasn’t being vulnerable to the people around me about the true extent of my addiction. This led me to unnoticeably fall back into the darkness with others not being aware. This had started before the Covid quarantine and when the lockdown happened it was enhanced. Not only was I lonely around people but now I was lonely by myself.

I was moving from place to place until my aunt let me stay with her. That’s where I heard about Teen Challenge (from my cousin) who had been through the program. So I finally decided to enter the program myself.

Teen Challenge provided an atmosphere to be vulnerable and transparent without feeling like I was being judged. The one-on-one discipleship with my advisers really brought back that feeling of I am not in this alone. Not only were they encouraging but everything they spoke of was directed back to Jesus which in the end directed me to having my own personal relationship with him. 

This helped me to accept and understand who I was, flaws and all. To find my new identity in Christ through all my failures and shortcomings. Jesus is and will continue to be the Cornerstone I build my life off of.  I have found a new freedom in Christ by surrendering and giving up all control to God.  

This year will be a year of getting my feet planted firmly on the ground in this new season. I’ve been in the program for a little over 2 ½ years now and I am ready to start the process of putting my life (financially) back in order. 

I’m firm in my foundation with Christ and understand the importance of putting my priorities in order. This will be a year of rebuilding my credit and saving to have something to fall back on if needed. I plan to live this next year minimally and frugal and continue to focus on my spiritual walk.

Through getting hired at Teen Challenge I have gotten the opportunity to move into a house which is above and beyond a blessing that I could’ve ever imagined or asked for. This is an opportunity to gain freedom and still be in a place to be accountable to the Lord.”

Nicole (House2Home recipient and graduate of Teen Challenge program)

A special thanks to the Deed & Truth volunteer team from Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente who moved Nicole into her new place and turned her empty house into a home. And thank you for each one of you who have donated finances, furniture, and furnishings, to physically display the dignity and compassion of Christ to Nicole in a very practical, tangible, and meaningful way.

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