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We tend to believe what people in our life tell us about ourselves. Voices have power.

For Michael, hardline drugs were the way to silence the voices of discouragement he had heard all his life. But a drug addiction resulted in many, many lost years.  

Michael struggled for a long time before finally seeking shelter and safety at the Union Rescue Mission in Skid Row Los Angeles. What he found was love and acceptance which proved even more powerful than the drug addiction. 

Michael finished the recovery program and was hired on as a part-time Apprentice. He has a good work ethic, a positive attitude, and a genuine work-class smile he wears just about every day.

Deed & Truth just formed a new L.A. House2Home team made up completely of Union Rescue Mission Alumni. We all moved Michael into his new studio apartment. All of his friends were so encouraging.

Michael never felt anyone was ever there for him in life. He didn’t find encouragement and acceptance. He always felt like he was on his own.  

This Deed and Truth House2Home was very moving for him emotionally. He was texting me every day the week prior telling me how excited he was. He met our truck out on the street with all his Alumni friends.  

Check out these two texts he sent me the evening of the move-in and the next morning… as he shares his heart, it will warm your heart…

“So, Chaplain Dan, I’m in stitches right now… Thank You. Nobody believed in me but you guys did!  I’m so grateful!! I’m sitting here shaking my head… I cannot believe what God has done for me today. Thanks to all of you guys in the community. I love you man, I love you Chaplain Dan. \You bring tears to my eyes tonight… tears of joy. Love you always… I will stay in contact… Words can’t explain how I’m feeling right now and with that being said… we don’t count the days, we make days count… and that’s exactly what we did as a community as a child in Christ.”

“I’m in awe right now waking up for the first time in my life in my own space!  Please extend my appreciation to your crew and tell Miss Betty I said thank you for the chair (she personally picked out)… it’s beautiful. I love you. Continue to do what you do… you inspire me! If you ever need assistance to help I’m always available.”

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