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When you live in the heart of skid row it can wear on you emotionally. Getting out, even for one afternoon, can be revitalizing.

At the Union Rescue Mission we have 22 men who are actually full time residents. These men have graduated the program but are older, have a disability, have no family capable of moving in with, and aren’t able to work for a living.  

They don’t get visitors, they don’t have transportation, and they don’t get out of skid row. Once a month, Deed and Truth sponsors a Friday Field Trip to get them out of the neighborhood to breathe some different air and spend time developing their friendships with one another by doing things other people do.

Yesterday I took them to Dodger Stadium for a behind-the-scenes tour of this historic ballpark just a couple miles away from downtown Los Angeles. It was a beautiful day and we learned a lot of fascinating information about one of the most storied franchises in all of sports.  

Geoff told us he hadn’t been to the ballpark since the mid 70’s and it was nostalgic to be back. Everybody had a great time and they were grateful to our financial partners at Deed and Truth who made the trip possible.  

I’m sure they will be talking about it all week. Thanks for making their week by partnering with Deed and Truth, as we love on these men. They felt normal for a day and got an opportunity to see how much fun doing things with friends can be!

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  1. Dear Dan & Fellow Brother’s,
    I am so glad to hear of your Friday outings, and especially to the Dodger Stadium. What an awesome privilege to get the ‘behind the scenes’ day. God is So Good and I know He is blessed to see you all doing so well, enjoying the things He has given you while here on earth. I am proud of all of you, God Bless, In Christ Jesus, Love Leslie

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