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The best way to see the Super Bowl is in person, but the next best way is with the guys at the mission.

You haven’t seen a Super Bowl game until you experience it with the men at the Union Rescue Mission on skid row. These guys really enjoy themselves. This year, as we have for ten years in a row, Deed and Truth sponsored the event in the large dayroom on the third floor at the mission which Deed and Truth created, designed, and furnished for the men in the Christian Life Discipleship Program.

It’s more than just a game for them. The importance of living in community with others and re-learning how to have a good time and positive emotional experiences without the use of drugs and alcohol is so important to their recovery.

Deed and Truth sponsors Community Events like this throughout the year to promote healthy relationships. The primary goal is to show them love and create healthy connections with others. This addresses the root cause of most addictions and homelessness.

Thanks for supporting Deed and Truth in our efforts to love through authentic deeds because… Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough!

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