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Catrina’s house didn’t feel like a home yet.

Catrina graduated from Hope Gardens and was already in her apartment, but it didn’t feel like a home. She moved into a government subsidized apartment, with her three children, while attending a trade school. The apartment came furnished with only a few basic necessities. 

Catrina heard about Deed & Truth, submitted her application and shared her story with us. She sent pictures and a video of her space then Betty and I scheduled a day to go meet her with all the little extras that a house needs to become a home.

We brought her a microwave and a number of rugs to warm up the place but the thing she wanted most was artwork for the walls. She literally had nothing on the walls. It felt a little cold and impersonal. Wall art was needed to put a finishing touch on the generic apartment.

“Art has the power to move people and evoke emotions that words can never do justice to. Artwork is an attempt to express emotion or ideas through mediums such as color, texture, line, shape, and form.”

Bob Talley / The Power of Art

Last week Betty and I had the privilege of going to see Catrina and put the finishing touches on her space. Once we completed hanging the wall art, and putting out a few decorative items the place was visibly renewed with color and visually enjoyable. 

Her children loved their personalized art pieces and were so happy to see their room when they came home from school. Catrina’s favorite piece was one with a giant blue butterfly because she equated the journey of the butterfly to her own journey of life transformation.

The colorful and interesting images on the walls helped tie in the furniture and complete her home. And as Bob Talley stated in “The Power of Art”… it created “emotion” just by being present.

Catrina said “it feels like home (now). We feel blessed and God bless you too. This is absolutely amazing what you all do for people like me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Thanks to all of you who have donated wall art and decorative items to Deed and Truth. Some of it is now hanging up in Catrina’s home bringing joy, warmth, and love to her and her three little ones.

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