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“Growing up, my parent’s home was a safe place. I haven’t experienced that since leaving home.”

Andres, Margot, and their precious little two-year-old daughter, Isabella, were overwhelmed to see the transformation done by our Deed and Truth House2Home team. Their empty apartment had been turned into a cozy little home. 

Sitting on their sofa, Andres shared with our H2H/Pacific Coast Church team about his difficult journey of pain, addiction, loss, and recovery. He had recently graduated from the Victory House ministry home in Anaheim where he was the exemplary poster-child for life transformation. He has risen to the occasion as he has been given leadership opportunities to lead Bible studies and share his testimony with the newer men in the program.  

God has restored his marriage to Margot and reunited their small family. They are currently attending a marriage workshop and understand the importance of constantly working on their relationship. Andres was very vulnerable sharing about his need to change and how God met him in his dysfunctional destructive lifestyle. He’s so grateful to God for all He has done from him.

Margot shared about how she missed her childhood home. She said…

“Growing up, my parent’s home was a safe place. I haven’t had a place like that since then… however, today, seeing this new home all decorated and looking so special, I am getting that same feeling… I feel this is a safe place for me and our family. Thank you!”

As both Andres and Margot shared with the team, little Isabella kept going into her new room and bringing out toys and things to show Betty… one by one… over and over… she was so excited about her new space that she had to share it with someone.

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  1. Another blessed testimony of how God is providing for so many through D&T / H2H!
    Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to this important ministry!

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