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Abuse is frightening. Abuse is traumatizing. Abuse is degrading. Abuse is suffocating. Abuse is a form of bondage.

Abuse causes its victims to feel isolated through distrust and in dark places of depression and low self-esteem.

Martha Sanchez came to the Orange County Rescue Mission with her four children to escape a mentally, financially, and emotionally abusive marriage. During her 18-month stay at the OCRM she experienced holistic healing and is regaining her self-worth. She is in a healthy process of learning to overcome the harmful effects of abuse.

Deed and Truth helped Martha open a new self-sufficient chapter in her journey by moving her family into her own apartment. We have every reason to believe Martha is well on her way to a sustainable future. Martha is working full time and going to school. She is committed to growing in her walk with the Lord and providing for her family. Please pray for Martha and her family in this transition.

We also want to give a special shout out to our Deed and Truth team from Well Works that made this House2Home a reality for Martha. Thanks also for all of you who have donated furniture, household items, and funds to provide the Sanchez family a safe home.

At Deed and Truth, we believe that beautiful things happen in beautiful spaces. If you’d like to help create beautiful spaces for families like the Sanchez’ please contact us via email: betty@deedandtruth.org

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