1 Peter 5:7 1 minutes to read

1 Peter 5:7

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you

Anxiety can’t be avoided. It is natural to our humanness as well as universal in its scope. We can make attempts to reduce anxiety but we will never eliminate it completely from our earthly experience. Therefore, all of us must learn to handle anxiety. As we also know there are many ways to deal with anxiety that are unhealthy and bring negative consequences. It generally begins with the futile activity of worry and goes south from there.

Here Peter tells us how God designed us to deal with the anxieties inherit in life. We were made to live in dependence upon God and therefore we should cast those anxieties on him. Worry is an indication that we are momentarily leaving God out of the equation and acting independently.

This verse also explains why this is the proper antidote to anxiety. If you don’t cast it away it stays with you. However, the only way we will do this is if we understand something very important about God… that he cares for you. We will only relinquish anxiety to someone who we feel cares for us. Here’s the incredible good news… he cares for you more than you could ever care for yourself because his caring capacity is beyond yours and mine… it is limitless for he is God and we are not.


What is my “go to” for dealing with anxiety? How’s that working out? Why would casting that anxiety on God be a better choice?


God, when every anxious thought comes may they trigger my memory of this verse. Help me then turn every care into a prayer knowing you care for me.