2 Peter 3:14 1 minutes to read

2 Peter 3:14

Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace.

As Peter begins to wrap up this second letter to the believers in exile he has a short list of parting thoughts that begin with this verse. He exhorts them about how they go about their every day lives in exile so that the day the Lord comes they will be found by him to be faithfully serving him.

Starting with the outcome, he encourages them to be found living in peace of mind with God. This is a mental state that is at rest when all around them there might be swirling chaos. It comes from knowing every day, that God has them in his care. This peace, that Paul says, passes all understanding given their difficult times, comes from a deep dependence upon God and a confident expectation of his return to set up his kingdom of righteousness.

But how does one keep this consistent peaceful spirit day in and day out? Is this a magical thing that God does or does it depend somehow on us? Well, both actually… the Peace of God comes from … well… God! However, Peter highlights that there is definitely human responsibility to keep this peace in affect day in and day out.

The key is found in these two words… “be diligent” in how we live. The peace of God is a precious gift that comes when we live in good conscious toward God. The peace OF God is a direct result of having peace WITH God.

The peace of God is something everyone desires but not everyone experiences. No one can take it from us but we can relinquish it. Therefore, beloved, while we look forward to His coming to set things right, be diligent about developing a nearness to God, a love for God, which is evidenced by an obedience to God and will produce in us, the peace of God.


Is the peace of God a daily reality for you? How might you be more diligent in living without spot or blemish so that you might abide more consistently in the peace that God gives?


God, I know you will do your part in giving me peace of mind. My issue is with me doing my part. Help me develop a deeper longing for your peace that I might be more disciplined to make every effort to live WITH you every moment of every day.