1 Peter 4:9 1 minutes to read

1 Peter 4:9

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.

Sometimes loving those who sin against us is hard to do. Sometimes showing hospitality to strangers is risky. But lest we think that loving is only an action the last two words of this verse highlight that loving well requires a certain attitude as well.

We are to do loving actions toward others with the right attitude. It isn’t really the kind of love God is talking about when we are complaining or grumbling while we do it. God wants us to have a joyful, giving spirit when we do loving actions toward others. God wants us to be emotionally engaged when we stretch ourselves to love those who are either unlovable in the moment or strangers we don’t even know.

Love is both an action and an attitude. God desires our hearts to me in harmony with him so that we see needs in others and respond with compassionate “desires” not because obligation “requires” it.


What was your attitude the last time you had to stretch your love muscles to do good for someone who hurt you or a stranger you didn’t know?


Grant me the ability to meet needs for sinners and strangers with an attitude of gratitude to you God, not with a complaining or grumbling spirit.