2 Peter 3:11 1 minutes to read

2 Peter 3:11

Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness

Given God’s judgment will eventually come upon the ungodly and this world, as we know it will day end, how should we then live? This is the question that Peter poses in this verse.

The coming judgment of God has a practical, every day application for us today. It should guide our way of life in the here and now. It should cause us to be motivated to live lives defined by holiness and godliness.

There are two evident reasons for choosing to live this way. First, it doesn’t make much sense to live for things that don’t last into eternity. It’s a bad investment in things that are inferior to the eternal things of God. Second, it’s clear that God disapproves of living for the things of this world because it replaces our dependence upon him while it violates our true humanness. We were made to love God and people and to use things of this world for those purposes, not the other way around.


How does living for the things of this world that will pass away create an inferior way of living?


May I be careful to live for loving relationships which stand the test of eternity and not for the passing pleasures of this temporary world.