1 Peter 5:10 1 minutes to read

1 Peter 5:10

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

In this verse we see two contrasts that tell the story. The first contrast that jumps off the page is “suffering” and “glory”. The second has to do with longevity as Peter contrasts “a little while” with “eternal”.

In the present moment they were exiles suffering for their faith in a foreign place. However, Peter wanted them to look ahead to their future calling to experience Christ’s glory with him. To get through suffering in a way that honors God we must see that the present suffering has a worthy outcome. Much like a mother experiences great pain in the child-birthing process, there is great joy once the child arrives and the purpose behind the pain is revealed.

The second contrast was also designed to encourage the exiles to persevere through their present suffering. Peter was not minimizing the extent of their pain but he was putting it in perspective when he highlighted that the present suffering would be for “a little while” but after its over you must know that you are called to “eternal” glory. To honor God in times of suffering we gain endurance for the struggle by having an Eternal perspective instead of an “instant gratification” mindset.

When we think like this we will ultimately experience restoration, confirmation, renewed strength, and be established by Jesus Himself.


In the midst of your current struggle, take some time right now to consider the “eternal glory” that God has called you to experience.


Help me value an Eternal Perspective to combat the “Instant Gratification” culture that tempts me to take shortcuts that dishonor you and distract me from my calling.