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We believe escaping homelessness is not the end game but a starting point to a fulfilling life.

Deed and Truth has begun a bi-weekly women’s bible study in Buena Park with 7 of the moms from our H2H ministry. Under the leadership of team members Gina Hughes and Debby Mircheff, they are going through a biblical study on finding the answers to their deepest longings. These women are growing in their faith with childlike enthusiasm. It is so exciting to support these women in this relational and spiritual ministry.

Listen to the facilitator, Gina Hughes, as she shares her experience in this new ministry.

This year, on the first Tuesday in May, the first Deed and Truth Bible study was launched. Betty Anderson led the charge by introducing the women and explaining that we are meeting to gain a deeper knowledge of Jesus and how to apply His teachings during these chaotic times and throughout our lives. This study group provides a safe zone providing women the atmosphere of trust, love, and coming alongside one another. The room was filled with eagerness and anticipation starting this new journey through God’s word, and fittingly, the Bible study is called “The Answers to Your Deepest Longings.”This first meeting saw all the women sharing their hopes to truly experience all that God has in store for their lives and to live it to the fullest by learning how to please Jesus in all we do each day. This focus brought a renewed sense of wanting to practice the presence of God by leaning on prayer and study of His Word. With meetings scheduled every other Tuesday, homework becomes more of a delight and not a burden. As we discuss what we’ve learned, a great sense of support and honest dialogue builds the bonds with all of us that will last a lifetime. God is doing amazing things in our midst and all of us, and we eagerly look forward to each time we have the privilege to meet together thanking Him for all He has done.

Gina Hughes
Deed and Truth

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for Gina and Debby as they lead this ministry.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the women in the group.
  • Pray for God to use this Christian Community to provide a fertile environment to discover and pursue their deepest longings.
  • Pray that they, not only survive outside the mission, but thrive in their walk with God and journey in life.

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