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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but not this story. It’s too good to keep a secret.

Troinetta, or Troy as her friends call her, is a mother of six youngsters with lots of energy. Her family has been at Hope Gardens since she found herself homeless. Troy is a really good mom. She pays attention to her children giving them instruction, affection, and discipline when needed. She has a sweet spirit and a disarming smile. 

Troy recently got a place in Las Vegas that provided affordable housing in close proximity to family. Her father rented a U-Haul truck and Deed & Truth filled it with furnishings to turn her house into a home. We met up at Hope Gardens to transfer the household items. We had a nice time recalling shared experiences and praying for her family prior to them heading off to their new home.

Please pray for Troy and five daughters and one son.

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