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Ever have “one of those days?” Usually that phrase gets used in a negative connotation. But I’m asking it with a positive connotation. Listen to these testimonials from first-time Deed and Truth volunteers at a recent House2Home project.

In 2020 God gave us the vision to start a new ministry bridge called House2Home. H2H helps move a program graduate out of the institution and into a house or apartment. We like to say, “we help end homelessness, one family at a time.” Thanks to our ministry patrons and a small ministry volunteer team we were able to end homelessness for 23 families in 2020.

In 2021 God has impressed upon us the need to expand the base of volunteers to create new church teams. One such team is from All Nations Church in Los Angeles County. They helped us move in Vanessa and her family from Hope Gardens into an apartment in Pasadena.

We are finding that without exception the new volunteer teams are inspired by this experience of hands on ministry. Here are some of the testimonials from the All Nations group that were shared with their leadership team and us at Deed and Truth.

“WHAT A DAY! It was truly a beautiful day. We’re so encouraged by the work you and the team do in the ministry. It was amazing to see this side of it, especially because I’ve only helped out in the kitchen side of Hope Gardens, so to see the work y’all do even AFTER folks leave HG, truly shows the continual love of God. We’re so blessed to be able to be part of this side of HG and hope to serve with you all! Truly glory be to the Lord!”

“It was especially heartwarming to see the kids exuberance and joy.”

‘Seeing the different individuals, churches, and groups of people come together for this made it so evident that God put it all together.”

“Today I realized that, even something as simple as helping people organize their kitchen, can be so helpful to someone who has experienced homelessness.”

“Today reminds us to live for something more than oneself. It was so refreshing to serve.”

“I was particularly blessed by everyone’s prayer with Vanessa at the end. It’s all for Him and from Him.”

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for your vision to continue this H2H ministry and expand to partner with others in this! I know God is so grateful for your guys’ trust and commitment to His vision.”

Thanks to our friends at All Nations Church for their partnership in the gospel as we helped end homelessness in a very hands-on way, for Vanessa and her children. Thanks also to all of you, who pray, donate such beautiful furniture and décor, and generously give financially to Deed & Truth. Take a moment to celebrate how God worked in and through us… “This is (was) THE day the Lord created… let us rejoice and be glad in it!” WHAT A DAY!

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