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Carolyn spent 14 years in addiction and homelessness bouncing around from her parent’s home to sofa surfing at friends’ homes to abandoned homes and public parks. Finally, she got a life-saving, wake-up call.

How does a successful high school athlete and cheerleader end up homeless? This is Carolyn’s story.

As a successful high school athlete and cheerleader Carolyn started using Meth to enhance her energy level to be more successful. At first, she was using the drug but it soon became apparent that Meth was using her. 

After years of wasted living a friend finally confronted her about the dangers related to her lifestyle and her little boy, Henry. Her friend felt compelled to alert the social services department and they took 18-month-old Henry, and placed him in foster care. That was her wake-up call. That’s when God intervened.

Carolyn told us… (my paraphrase) “My best thinking got me nowhere. My best thinking landed me in a pattern of homelessness and because of my selfishness I ended up losing my child to social services. I needed to stop following my way of thinking and listen to someone else. I was ready to surrender to God and follow the advice of others.”

Carolyn enrolled in a drug rehab program for four months; then went to the OC Rescue Mission. After a lot of hard work, and by the grace of God, she got Henry back. She did a lot of surrendering to Jesus. She started becoming a good steward of Henry and of all the gifts God had begun to give her. Carolyn testifies, “if you are faithful with a little, then God will be able to trust you with more.” That more included the love of her life, little Henry.

Carolyn graduated from the OC Mission and recently moved into their transitional housing. A team from Deed & Truth spent one Saturday turning her house into a home. Her empty apartment was transformed, just like her God has done in her heart.

When Carolyn moved into the new apartment, little Henry wouldn’t sleep in his room. Carolyn sent us a cute text after the House2Home saying that NOW, she can’t get him out of his room. He loves his new Spiderman-meets-Star Wars themed room.

A special thanks to all who donated household items and furniture to transform Carolyn’s apartment. And a big shout out to the team from Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente. You guys ROCK! And to all of you who give generously of your finances… you have been God’s provision to bless Carolyn and Henry with a beautiful place to finally call home.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

  1. Thanks again PD and Betty for this ministry and how you involve us so we can share in blessing folks like Carolyn! –Much Love, –M&T

  2. What a blessing to see God’s hands and feet in action blessing a sweet mom & family that He has redeemed!
    Keep up the great work, Deed & Truth Crew! God Bless you! Dave & Blair

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