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In 2017 he was living under an overpass in Redlands.Struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and hearing voices in his head, he asked God to kill him.

Fernando Escobar’s path to redemption went from being homeless under the overpass, to a hospital, to jail, to a detox center, to the Orange County Rescue Mission.

He’s now a graduate of not only the recovery program but also Culinary School. He’s now the manager and head cook at Open Gate Kitchen, a cafe in Costa Mesa where a team of people in need of redemption make up the staff under the supervision and tutelage of Deidre Pujols, wife of the Angels Albert Pujols.

Fernando loves the Lord and his two children. He is a single father who takes his recovery and fatherhood seriously. Haley is in ninth grade and his younger son Anthony, is three years old. This past week he moved his family into their own apartment. For the first time they live together as a family. 

This past week Deed and Truth made the Escobar Family house into a home. Thanks to our team of volunteers and donors we were able to furnish and decorate their two-bedroom apartment.

This is our 16th H2H family this year, the first from our new partners, the Orange County Rescue Mission, and the first single dad. Fernando is on his way to a better life for himself and his two children. Please pray for their continued success as they transition into a more independent living situation.

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