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Last Saturday Deed and Truth turned Gina and her daughter’s new digs from a house to a home. As soon as she walked in she saw this piece of furniture and was blown away!

Gina graduated from the Orange County Rescue Mission recovery program and got a job at Hoag Hospital. She is also taking classes online to become a Radiologist. One tool necessary to pursue her career and financial goals is a functional computer.

Gina had been using a hand-me-down computer she had purchased for $100 several years ago. It served her well for a long time but it was now becoming unreliable. In the middle of a timed and proctored online test for a required class it went out on her. She was freaking out.

When we contacted Gina to let her know that her House2Home (H2H) application had been accepted we went over the things she would need for her home. On her wish list she wanted a desk for her schooling. In that conversation she told us about her computer woes.

We put the word out to a Deed and Truth partner and it took them all of two seconds to say they wanted to provide Gina with a new computer and printer for her career classes.

Our team accomplished Gina’s H2H last Saturday and she was certainly grateful. But she was blown away when she saw the desk and a beautiful new computer with all the accessories on it.

Here is Gina telling her story about why this computer means so much to her…

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