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Through it all, they remained best friends and have stuck by one another.

Ricky and Lisa have long histories of dysfunctional family, drug addiction from a young age, emotional and physical abuse, and in Ricky’s case gang violence and incarceration for many years. They both suffer from many health problems.

After suffering and recovering from a life-threatening bout with cancer in prison, Ricky found Jesus and vowed to change and do something with the life God had saved. He and Lisa got married and after a few missteps Lisa also gave her life to Christ and they entered the Orange County Rescue Mission’s program, determined to follow whatever path God has chosen for them.

They failed once and had to move out of the Mission, but were able to get back into the program when, as Lisa put it ”We got tired of doing things our way and started doing things God’s way.” They spent 4.5 years at the Mission, during which time they both received an education. Ricky was astute enough to realize that without one he would never be given a chance for a good job and career. He graduated electrician school with honors and has been working as an electrician for 3 years. Lisa is a credentialed nurse’s assistant. Eight months ago God blessed them with a beautiful son, Daniel, so at this time she is a happy stay-at-home mom.

In September they were able to move into their own apartment and we were privileged to furnish it and turn their House into a Home. We always love to see God’s hand in providing exactly what we need for each assignment He gives us. What a blessing it was for our team to see the transformation God has accomplished with the couple, who now serve many others in their church and share their story, their faith and God’s love. They are living proof that with God all things are possible.

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