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“The worst day of my life was the day my father passed away.”

“That’s when I experienced the deepest depression I have ever known.”

Lindsay had always been able to function as an addict up to that point.  She described herself like a “Super Mom on Drugs.” The drugs gave her the energy she needed to get everything done. 

But this deep loss sent her over the edge. “There weren’t enough drugs on the planet to take away the pain I felt, and the more (drugs) I did the less I functioned. I lost everything… my husband, my children, my dignity, and worst of all I lost my hope.” It got so bad that Lindsay contemplated ending her life.  

Depressed, defeated, alone, and homeless… In one final cry of desperation Lindsay called out, to no one in particular, in her empty space, at an end of herself… for someone to help her.   

God heard Lindsay’s passionate plea… and he responded by sending help to rescue her from drowning in her sorrow. God freed her from a toxic relationship, sent social services to care for her children, eventually getting her into a recovery program at the Orange County Rescue Mission, and most of all restored her hope for the future.  

Now Lindsay is a graduate of the OCRM and testifies that “I was able to find Christ, even though he actually found me (first).” Today she has her four children back, has a career path as a medical assistant (for the past three years), is saving money in the bank, attends Grace Church in Orange, enjoys attending the OCRM Alumni events, and just recently signed a lease for her first, very own apartment.  

This month, Deed and Truth’s “Well Works” House2Home team, was pleased to transform her empty apartment into a home. Lindsay wants to thank all of you who donated furniture, furnishings, or finances to make this a reality for her. She is also overwhelmed by the sacrifice and kindness shown by the Well Works H2H team of volunteers.  

Please pray for Lindsay and her four children. Here is her specific list of prayer requests:

  • Continue to stay connected to OCRM Alumni
  • Grow in my relationship with Christ
  • Add to my savings account
  • Be promoted at work as a Senior Medical Assistant & eventually supervisor

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