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How do you survive on a minimum wage job?  

Now add to that dilemma, that you are the care provider for your homeless, elderly father!

Janari has been working a full-time job for minimum wage for the past three years. After work she heads over to the Tustin Homeless Shelter where she has been living with her 76 year old father for the past two years. She has been diligently saving her money while at the shelter.

They both love the Lord and have a strong faith. They attend OC Harvest Community Church. They have been praying for a housing solution all this time.

Recently, God provided a room with a private bath to rent in someone’s home that Janari could afford. Deed and Truth felt honored to be able to send a team to turn their tiny space into a place to call home.

Read what the Well Works H2H team leader had to say about this special day…

Janari, and her father, Angel, laughed and cried when they saw the “new” furnishings in the bedroom and bathroom they are renting in Orange. They were overcome with gratitude to the House-to-Home “Well Works” team and especially to God for His many blessings. 
The team got a little emotional as well upon seeing Janari and Angel’s response. Though they have relatively little materially, they are keenly aware of God’s deep love and provision for them. We were all richly blessed by God yesterday!
Thanks to those who worked hard on the move-in, to those who made donations, and to those who helped by collecting furniture. You are the best!


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  1. So Amazing the Love and Power of God when you truly put your trust in Him. I loved the joy in laughter and tears that Janari and her father Angel expressed in moving into their new home. Let the blessings continue. Sincerely, in Christ, love Leslie Caldwell

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