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Those coming into the mission off the dangerous streets of skid row often have nothing but the clothes on their backs… and most often those need to be trashed.  

Each ministry at the mission has a clothing room to provide lightly-used clothing items donated by friends of the ministry. Recently I have been noticing some of the larger men wearing the same clothes regularly and they looked rather worn. Come to find out, the clothing department doesn’t have every size and tends to run out quickly of the larger sizes. They are always low on pants 42-50” waist and larger (30-32” long) as well as 3x-4x-5x shirts and underwear.

This past week Deed and Truth took a couple of the men who oversee the clothing ministry to the store to purchase the larger sizes that were missing. The new clothes were snatched up quickly by some very large and very grateful men.  

If you have larger sizes of lightly-used clothes you would like to donate please contact us at: betty@deedandtruth.org. Or if you’d like to donate financially to this cause you can do so by clicking on the button below.

One thought on “Supersize Me!

  1. Hi Dan,
    Scott goes through his clothes fairly often but are more 36X34, extra large shirts. If those might work we’ll hold them aside for you.
    Sincerely Leslie

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