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The House2Home ministry was in urgent need of storage space. We asked you to pray for a solution. We want to bring you up to speed on that situation.

House2Home storage units are needed for the collection of used furniture to move those graduating from recovery programs into apartments. As you may recall we lost our space that had been donated by one of our partners. We asked you to petition God for a solution as we had run out of leads.

Not surprisingly, God answered your prayers in a big way. The very next week after we asked for you to pray we received an unexpected response from a new donor who picked up the entire storage fees for a full year! It was like getting a booster shot of faith for us given how important the space is to the success of the ministry.  

This will enable us to continue to expand this ministry to practically help those graduates who have worked so hard to cooperate with God in their transformational process.

Join us in praising God for his consistent provisions that enable us to connect those who want to change with those who want to make a difference. And let’s give thanks to our faithful friends of the ministry who consistently listen to God’s promptings to give so generously to empower “the least of these.”

3 thoughts on “Space

  1. God is so faithful! We praise him for how he moves in the lives of ministry partners to meet each need 😍
    Terri M.

    1. And the new storage facility is very close to the Orange County Rescue Mission (where we grab furniture donations). Thank-you Jesus!!!!!!

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