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The pandemic has made life difficult on everyone around the world. One people group it has been especially hard on is the elderly who live without their families. 

Deed and Truth wanted to bless the senior men and women who live at the Union Rescue Mission. This past week we organized and sponsored two trips to the Hollywood Wax Museum for the men and the women.

This was the first time either group were able to leave the facilities on a group trip off-site since the pandemic shut things down in March of 2020! They were so excited to get out and do something fun.

Smiles were on everyone’s faces as they toured both the Hollywood Wax Museum and the World Records Museum.  They were able to take pictures with their favorite stars and just hang out together. In between museum tours they ate lunch at McDonalds.  

It might not seem like a big deal to many people but when you live at a homeless shelter and can’t get out to do any activity for close to a year and a half it means the world.  

Having fun together is a way to express the love of Jesus in deed and truth because sometimes words aren’t enough. Their smiles are worth more than words can express. Check out these precious smiles and playful pics.  
And as always, thank you to you donors who make these kinds of loving expressions possible for people who really, really needed an opportunity to smile. Both groups wanted me to thank you all for such a wonderful, and much needed day trip. 

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  1. What a great idea! I didn’t even know about the Hollywood Wax Museum. So honored to be part of such creative blessings on the men and women of the Union Rescue Mission.
    Thanks Deed and Truth ❤

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