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Seminary prepares people to serve God in ministry. Unfortunately, it has long been available only to the financially resourced. But what about the poor and under-resourced?

Some of the men and women we serve, recovering from addiction and/or homelessness, have a thirst to study God’s Word at deeper levels. Some sense a calling to serve God and feel the need for a greater knowledge of his word. Some just want to know him better. They would love to attend seminary but do not have the financial resources to make that a possibility.

Deed & Truth, in partnership with the Union Rescue Mission and World Vision, are providing seminary classes right in the heart of Skid Row. It’s called: The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI).

TUMI strives to combine its efforts with others who are interested in providing their leaders with quality, affordable, and credible Christian leadership education. It’s an affordable seminary for the poor and under-resourced.  

The current course being offered is “Conversion & Calling.” This course covers the creative, convicting, converting, and calling power of the Word of God. It explores the nature of the Scriptures as being the Word of God; how God’s Word convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgement; the concept of repentance towards God and faith in Christ; and the power of the Word of God to produce new life in the believer.

Thank you for helping us being seminary to the skid row community.

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