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Her Mother was an addict and consequently Serena grew up living in motels, couch surfing, and on the streets of Skid Row. 

Serena’s mother despised church and forbid her children to attend services. But Serena and her sisters would sneak off to Sunday School but, wanting to avoid their mother’s wrath, were afraid to go inside.  The Sunday School teachers would read them stories on the lawn.  Serena was always attracted to God and sensed he was with her and protecting her.  

Her Grandpa was her hero and the only stabilizing force in her life.  When she was only nine years old he died and from that point forward she was lost and alone. She landed on the streets which resulted in abuse and drug use.

In 2019 Serena was tired of living homeless with two of her sons.  They went to the URM and eventually transferred to Hope Gardens Family Center which enabled her to regain custody of her other three children. Serena worked hard at her recovery and graduated the program a year later.  She began to get her life on track and reconnected with God and church.

After much hard work Serena is currently employed at Hope Gardens as a program assistant and enjoys giving back to help other single mothers find God and the hope he offers.

Serena recently got her own apartment off campus and Deed & Truth came to turn her house into a home. The next day Serena sent us this text…

“So much stuff! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. My kids are so thankful.”

We want to thank all our financial donors, furniture donors, and volunteers for their support which made Serena’s dream a reality. Thanks for helping to end homelessness for Serena and her five children.

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  1. How precious for Serena and her 5 children. Hope, kindness and love abound making the world a better place.

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