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We have served 128 families since we initiated the House2Home ministry just over 4 years ago. Here’s an update on the progress of our first two families. 

Daisy, and her five children, were our very first H2H family back in February 2020. They are still in the same apartment and Daisy is still employed as a case manager at the same non-profit homeless center an hour away from her home. She has been consistently getting exceptional reviews and received two promotions and pay raises. However, as a single mother of four, with no formal education, she is still just barely getting by financially.

Please pray for Daisy as she has been studying for a new certification that could enable her to qualify for a better position, grow her earning capacity, and possibly provide a career with options much closer to home. 

Arpa, and her young son, were our second H2H recipient. Today I reread our blog on Arpa and noticed this…

Arpa’s life goals are to be a good Mom to Julian, to pass the tests and requirements to become a Registered Nurse, to maintain healthy relationships, and grow in her journey with Jesus! “For with God all things are possible,” is the Bible verse she has posted on her bathroom mirror.

We are very excited to share what God has been doing in Arpa’s life. Arpa diligently worked hard to regain her license as a Registered Nurse. She passed all of her tests, got a nursing position, has received regular raises, saved her money, and just last month she moved out of her H2H apartment because she purchased her very own home! Please pray for Arpa as she lost her father this past year and it has been a huge emotional blow. She is meeting regularly with our Deed and Truth licensed LMFT counselor to manage her emotional grief.

We are so proud of these two young mothers. We praise God for the privilege to be a small part of their success. We are so appreciative of our faithful volunteers and donors who give of themselves to help young families like these two get a new start in life.

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  1. Praise God in what all has been accomplished through Deed n Truth Ministry to all these sweet people…To God all the Glory!!
    Debby Mircheff

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