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God delivered Lorina from a life of ruin with the help of the Teen Challenge ministry. Now she is committed to paying it forward.

Here is Lorina’s story of destruction and deliverance…

Lorina was a single mother of three, having her first child when she was just a child of 16. She was living in a toxic environment with a destructive relationship. She spent eight years living in misery and lost her children three times. After the third time, Lorina decided to say goodbye to the guy and the life of drug abuse. She called Teen Challenge. 

Lorina entered the recovery program on August 29, 2019.  She stated, “I never felt so free in my life. I know, by the grace of God I am saved and that His promises are yes and amen.”  

After graduating the program, the Teen Challenge Bible Ministry school, and an Apprenticeship, Lorina was hired at the Orange County Teen Challenge facility. She wants to give back, and she’s committing this portion of her life to that pursuit.  

Lorina shared with us that she has a new purpose in life… “I’m just all in for Jesus and for those who are lost who will soon be saved. If God can do it for me, he can do it for you.”

Deed & Truth sent a team over to the OC Teen Challenge facility. They turned the three bedroom apartment into a home for Lorina and two others who are also going to serve as Teen Challenge employees. A special thanks to Marcia and the entire “Well Works” team for doing such a beautiful job transforming this house into a home for three precious souls who all want to pay it forward. 

“Many hands make the work light. It’s such a privilege to be Christ’s hands and feet. I’m honored to bless Lorina who’s had a very hard life and has worked diligently with the Lord Jesus’s help to get out of the fruitless lifestyle she got stuck in. Working with other Christian believers to bless her with some furniture, bedding and accessories to make a house a more comfortable home and providing some dignity was wonderful.”

June (Well Works Volunteer)

A big shout out to all our donors and friends who faithfully partner with us to make this ministry possible!

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    1. I just love reading of the changed lives through Jesus Christ our Lord and trusting Him with the hard work it takes. Praise God, Love Leslie

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