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“No matter how far we stray from God, he will be there with open arms.”

That’s the message that Cristal heard that brought her into the outstretched arms of a loving God after she had experienced enough disappointment to last several lifetimes.

Cristal grew up in a dysfunctional family surrounded by gang members: uncles, brothers, and cousins. She was introduced to drugs at 13 years old. Angry about her homelife, Cristal was convinced that God didn’t exist. As a teenager she experienced multiple unhealthy relationships which resulted in pregnancies. She soon lost custody of her children due to a destructive lifestyle, bad choices, drug addiction, and incarceration.

While in jail Cristal prayed that if God really existed to prove himself by removing her craving for Meth. God heard her prayer and answered it. She was released from jail and became committed to regaining custody of her children.  

She moved back in with her Mother and brother because she needed help and a place to live. However, they were anything but a support system and without a safety net, things took a turn for the worst.  Cristal ended up homeless again, and out on the streets in survival mode, doing what she needed to do to survive…she ended up pregnant with twins.

A friend reached out to her and invited her to a Christian outreach where she heard the message of God’s persistent love… “No matter how far we stray from God, He will be there with open arms.” Humans may fail us but God never does. God led her into an intense Christian recovery program.

Eventually Cristal came to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. She got connected to a church and she focused on surrendering her fears of failing again to the Lord. Cristal began to learn what it means to trust God and lean into his transformational power. 

“Every day God is working through me and in everything around me. My gratitude and humility are fully activated.”  

Cristal completed her mission program and attended many life-skills classes. Today she is employed, involved in her church, and secured an apartment. Deed and Truth helped her end her homelessness by turning her house into a home on the same weekend she was reunited with her children.  

“I couldn’t have done any of this my way, I know I got here all through Papa, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. THANK YOU!”

Join us in praising God for his relentless love and transforming power as evidenced by Cristal’s redemptive story. And thank you to San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, our faithful Deed and Truth supporters, and the many friends who partner with us in fighting homelessness, one family at a time!  

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