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The House 2 Home project is a powerful means to honor God, love others and a great way to be a part of the solution to homelessness.  Although our day was long and we were all tired and hungry, I can truly say we understood when Jesus said to his disciples in John 4:34 “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.”  What we did that day was far from the work of Christ on earth, yet it was nonetheless, a sense of joy that filled us more than food could have that day.  To watch a house filled with six children and all that comes with it, be transformed into a warm and beautiful home was a true blessing.  Yet the icing on the cake was to see their faces glowing as they entered their newly transformed home and to hear their “wow’s” and “oh my God’s!”  and even to hear their laughter was priceless.  The story of grace shared by Lyzett and her journey from addiction was powerful as it painted the backdrop to this story that only God could have written.  Our church members were so thankful they got the chance to be a part of this wonderful experience and to see their labor of love glorify God and bless a beautiful family.  

Thank you Deed and Truth for giving us the privilege to bless others in the name of Christ, 

Jimmy Han 
Pastor of Family and Small Groups at Christ Central of Southern California 

Thank you for allowing Christ Central to partner with you! I felt blessed to have the opportunity to see firsthand how your organization is loving on and beautifying the homes of those who have committed to transforming their lives.  

The veteran volunteers helped us quickly dive into our work and explained the process. It wasn’t just about cleaning out the kitchen and simply putting stuff back – it was about organizing every drawer, cabinet, pantry in a way that would be easiest for Lyzett and her family to utilize the kitchen. Many useful items were added to the existing kitchen – silverware, oven mitts, plates, drawer organizers, a Keurig machine (Lyzett is a mom of 7 after all!)… what impressed me more were the added touches after all the basics were covered – scented candles, floral decor, art work on the walls, wicker baskets for storage, and Christmas decorations, which truly contributed to making the house into a home. Every volunteer put his or her skills to use and considering all the different furniture pieces that were added to the house, I knew this also meant so many other folks donated their money and goods to make this transformation possible. How powerful to see a community come together to love on our sister, Lyzett, and her family!

Throughout the “transformation” process, volunteers had Lyzett and her family in mind and how we could help make this a cozy and comfortable home for them. When we were done, the family returned with grateful hearts and even boxes of pizza for the volunteers! Clearly there was reciprocity in thinking about one another throughout the day. After seeing the transformation, Lyzett and her partner sat down to share their testimony with us – when you think about it, they were sharing their most vulnerable moments with us, a room full of strangers. It was moving to see how bold a new believer could be in sharing her story of grace. One part that especially moved me was when she began to cry talking about having her children taken away from her, and her son and daughters came by her side to wipe away her tears and comfort her with hugs. Praise God that they can all be together as a family now – sharing tears and hugs in the comfort of their new home as they remember how God has touched their lives! Thank you again for the ability to hear how God is working in Lyzett’s life and giving me time on my drive home to pause to consider His work in my life. Praying for Lyzett’s family to create wonderful memories in their new home that cover scars of the past and that they will remember how much they are loved. Looking forward to sharing the joy of seeing families enter their newly transformed “home” with our church members as we continue in this partnership with House 2 Home!  Merry Christmas!


What a great opportunity and honor to be a part of House 2 Home project. I hope it is the beginning of a wonderful endeavor for our church. It was a fun filled day having the chance to help out this family. I was reminded of how incredibly blessed we are and how we should shift our focus not on our own comfort and earthly treasures but to help others in His name. 


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