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Check out this inspiring blog by Marcia, the Lead for one of our H2H move-in teams.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

These words have been thought of as a motto for the U.S. Post Office. While that may not be officially true, I like the message of faithfulness to a job.

During the holidays our House-to-Home team was given the assignment of furnishing the apartment of Michael and Kory Valverde and their six children. We worked enthusiastically to gather everything needed and were looking forward to the exciting moment when the whole family would enter their beautifully furnished apartment with exclamations of joy. We especially awaited a time of getting to know Michael and Kory and hearing the story of God’s grace and mercy in their lives.

COVID caused us to reconsider our course. The number of hospitalizations in Orange County had grown, and our team was made up of people who were mostly over 65 or had health care workers in their families. It didn’t seem wise to be indoors together in close proximity for hours. We were bummed! Then we had an inspiration… definitely a God moment! We could rent a truck for the Valverdes. They could collect the furnishings from storage and set up the apartment themselves.

When Kory heard the new plan she too felt disappointment. She said she had been looking forward to that TV-like “reveal” moment. Both she and Michael expressed much appreciation for all we had done and they wholeheartedly took the task to completion. Look at the amazing home they designed! We hope to get together at the Valverde’s in the springtime for a house-warming and to praise God for His faithfulness.

We may have had complications on this job but working together we completed our appointed rounds!

If you’d like to get more information about coordinating an H2H Team with your church, company or friend group email Betty at betty@deedandtruth.org.

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