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The movies have the power to captivate us, transport us, challenge us, move us, unite us, and change us. Movies can inspire us to overcome incredible obstacles, dream bigger dreams, or to become better versions of ourselves.

Deed and Truth understands the power of film. That’s why we are sponsoring Monday Night @ the Movies at the Union Rescue Mission. In four locations each Monday night we are hosting an Inspirational Movie for the men in the program to watch. Some of the films are Christian films, some are documentaries, some are about bible characters, some are biographical, and some are just great classic Hollywood films that inspire the human spirit.

We also are hosting movie night so that the men can have shared experiences, to give them a reason to get out of their rooms in the evening so they can do life together. Afterward they are encouraged to share what inspired them in the movie. It’s a context to experience community in a non-threatening way, which is an important step in overcoming life’s most difficult challenges. 

If you have a favorite inspirational film that you’d like to make available to us, to show at the Mission, just send us your DVD and we’ll add it to the library of films. 

Send to: Dan & Betty Anderson / 122 S Harbor Blvd. #104 / Anaheim, CA 92805

“Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness. The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.”

Tom Hanks

“We live in a box of space and time, and movies are windows in its walls. They allow us to enter other minds, not simply in the sense of identifying with the characters, although that is an important part of it, but by seeing the world as another person sees it.”

Roger Ebert

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