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“I thought I had walked into a model home. I can’t believe this is my home.”

This was Cassandra’s response upon entering her new apartment that was empty just four hours before the Deed and Truth team showed up. House2Home was a dream come true for Cassandra and her two teenage girls. Finally a place to call home.

It has been a long journey to get to this place. Cassandra struggled with addiction and substance abuse for many years. Her lifestyle led her to lose her job, all her possessions and most devastating her two daughters. Because of her unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle choices they were taken from her and put into foster care.

Losing her children was the last straw. She had let herself down but letting her girls down was the deepest pain of all. She entered a program to get clean and work towards regaining the custody of her children. After seven months clean she learned about the Orange County Rescue Mission and was accepted into their program.

The OCRM helped her understand who she was and that she was greatly valued. She no longer allowed her past to define her. At her one-year sobriety anniversary, she was reunited with her daughters.

Cassandra stayed in the OCRM program for another two years, taking classes, graduating, and acquiring job skills and employment preparedness. During that time she was hired on with Herman Weissker, Inc. and has been employed with them for 17 months.

Cassandra has overcome many obstacles and has done the hard work to make a new life for herself and her children. Cassandra shared with us that she feels she has received the tools and encouragement needed to become a good Mom and healthy member of society. She has a passion to come alongside other Moms who are struggling and share her story.

Cassandra is very appreciative for her new home. Here are two texts we received the following week:

“Good morning Betty I just wanted to say hello and say thank you so much to you and the team for making my house so beautiful I’ve enjoyed living in it and showing my friends and family how faithful the Lord is if you continue to seek him. Thank you guys so much. God bless.”


“Thank you so much. May God continue to put his hand upon your ministry and bless other families like mine who believe in his word and stay faithful to him.”


Cassandra’s home is the 33rd Home2Home in 14 months. We moved 23 families in 2020 and 10 families already in this first quarter of 2021. Thanks to all our gospel patrons who support this ministry. It’s a team effort and we are honored to have you on the team. Thanks for the furniture, household items, financial donations, move-in muscle, and decorators. It takes a Model Team to produce a Model Home.

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