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Unresolved pain, whether it be physical or emotional, can tempt us into some self-destructive behaviors.

As a child, life was pretty good for Elizabeth, until one day her Dad was arrested and sentenced to prison. Then shortly before his release, Elizabeth was informed her father had died behind bars.  Elizabeth’s world fell apart and she felt she died with him.  

Elizabeth blamed God and was very angry. She shared as the years went by, “I was married to my pain… it controlled my life.” 

Even with this heavy burden, Elizabeth was determined to go to college and become a professional dancer. At the age of 16 she enrolled in college but within a short time dropped out because she needed to work to support herself. With her dancing skills she landed a good paying job working aboard cruise ships in live shows.  

This went on for many years but along with this came unhealthy relationships and destructive lifestyle choices. She said, “I was becoming completely undone.” Nearing 40 years old Elizabeth found herself in an abusive relationship, living in a van, working a catering job and pregnant.  

She was determined she was not going to be “that person” anymore. She entered a maternity home to begin the hard work of getting sober and healthy for the birth of her baby. From the maternity home she found her way to the Orange County Rescue Mission and began rebuilding her life.  

Elizabeth shared how grateful she is to the OCRM for providing holistic healing which included counseling, therapy, life skill classes, parenting courses and help to locate housing but most of all for encouraging her relationship with God. 

For the past 5 years, Elizabeth has been working as a Montessori pre-school teacher.  

She’s also continuing her college education with the goal of teaching for the school district.  

“It’s been a long road.  Still, I look forward to the new challenges that come as I continue to grow as a mother and provider. I’m confident and feel safe and know that with Jesus all things are possible.”

Just a couple weeks ago, our Well Works H2H team transformed Elizabeth and Asher’s house into a home. Now with all the essentials that make a house a home, she’s looking forward to building a quiet stable home life and routine for seven-year-old Asher, and herself.

Elizabeth has come a long way. She still has her moments emotionally but she no longer feels married to her pain now that she’s the bride of Christ. Pray for her emotional stability as she grows more in love with him.

As always, thanks to all of you who donate so faithfully and generously. You just helped end homelessness for this precious family.

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  1. Thank you to deed and truth for making Elizabeth‘s house a home. She has accomplished a great deal and it sounds like she’s Is creating a beautiful life for her and her son.

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