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Mr. B was barely getting by with just enough food to survive. He’s progressively going blind and rarely leaves his apartment. Living alone in his tiny apartment he had become reclusive. He was hungry, lonely, and depressed. He began feeling that life without joy wasn’t worth living.

Mr. B is a long-time friend of a family member who’s fallen on hard times. His source of food is primarily from the Meals-on-Wheels program. Although he is grateful for their help it didn’t include any comfort food and just enough to get by. 

When we heard about his situation we spoke with him about his needs. He was gracious and humble and shared how that living with just enough to survive felt like such a struggle that he questioned the purpose in life when joy was missing. 

We asked him what might bring him some joy. His answer was so simple yet so profound. He said it would be nice to have some comfort foods. Due to his blindness he’s unable to walk to the store and purchase things on his own. He also can not see to use the computer. His blindness has limited his capacity on many levels. He said, “I really miss Hostess Cupcakes and a cup of instant coffee. Just tasting them used to make me happy.” 

After listening to him share how easy it would be to bring some joy into his life, we collaborated with our family member and began a bi-monthly Insta-cart delivery of a few simple items. When he heard of our plan, that we would do the online shopping and have the groceries delivered to his doorstep, something impossible for him to do, he was elated. He was so grateful for the practical help; he too has pitched in on the finances. Just this simple act of kindness and the simple taste of a cupcake and a cup of coffee brought new vigor for living.

Although this story focuses on the power of a cupcake, we have come to realize that it isn’t only the joy of eating that has brought Mr. B out of his emotional struggle… the cupcakes and food deliveries he receives twice a month are reminders that someone knows him, loves him, and is regularly meeting a practical need in his life. This brings him joy and purpose.

I am always amazed how easy it is to make such a big difference in someone’s life. One thing God’s been teaching us here at Deed and Truth is that when you have a lot, a little isn’t much to give… and conversely, when you have little… that little bit is a whole lot! 

We are to love in deed and truth because sometimes words aren’t enough… Sometimes Love looks like a Hostess Cupcake with that yummy vanilla cream in the middle! Twice a month Mr. B receives a grocery bag full of love. For him… LOVE IS DELIVERED TO HIS HOUSE IN A GROCERY BAG!

Do you know anyone who might be struggling to get by and feeling unloved and experiencing a lack of joy? Might you ask God to bring someone like Mr. B into your path? 

3 thoughts on “Love Comes In A Grocery Bag

  1. Absolutely wonderful reminder! I had an elderly neighbor in the apt next to me whose kids regularly dropped off food for him, but always the same and always frozen meals to heat up. I took him a small hot chicken pot pie I had made (to freeze some ahead for myself) and the joy he had from it was so amazing I began making them more frequently to give him a couple in his fridge or freezer. Sometimes a homemade cookie or some pork chops had the same effect. It actually made it much more fun for me than cooking is for just myself. He passed away last spring. His five kids never even came by to clean out his apartment and we only found out about his death in the hospital from the rental office. I will never regret the time spent on those missing small pleasures I was able to add to his life. I will be on the lookout for another James in my new neighborhood. Thank you for this story. There is always an active clue offered in your messages!
    Even on the other coast, our human needs are of course the same. Thank you for all that you do in Jesus name.

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