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Christmas traditions are great ways to build family connections and treasured memories.

Every Thursday evening Betty and I lead a devotional time for the OC Rescue Mission Alumni in Buena Park. This week we shared a short first Christmas devotional and then we had the families all join in to decorate cookies and the community Christmas tree.

What a joy to see moms and dads working and playing together around the Christmas theme. The cookie decorating was a hit. It got a bit messy at times but they were sure proud of their Edible Art at the end of the night. Not all the cookies survived. Many were eaten on the spot!

A Deed and Truth donor supplied the Christmas tree and the children dressed it up… with the help of one of the dads who had a step-ladder.  

These are families who, just a short year or so ago, were struggling to even be together. Mom’s and dad’s who were stuck in addictions or in jail who are now doing family life together. But thanks to the OC Rescue Mission they are clean, sober, and striving to make a better life for their children.  

Deed and Truth is honored to be a partner with the OC Rescue Mission to invest time and love each week into these families in a very personal way. Thanks to all our supporters for making this possible… as we help end homelessness one family at a time. 

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