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“It takes a village for a village.” Josh Lee, Missions Coordinator for All Nations Church (ANC), gives us a personal glimpse into their H2H day.

Lyzett, mother of 6 kids ranging from teens to toddler, recently acquired a housing voucher after many years of homelessness. Our H2H Team knew it was going to be a “doozy of a job” for one church to take it on but God knew it first & had it covered. CCSC (Christ Central of Southern California) had just come on board as Deed and Truth’s newest H2H Team. ANC and CCSC have partnered together in other ministries but this time it was the divine hand of God orchestrating behind the scenes, to build the Village needed for Lyzett’s house to home transformation. 

After the work was done, seeing the joy and excitement in her kids faces was so encouraging and contagious! We were glad that they were able to experience this H2H transformation particularly after hearing how much they themselves were affected through Lyzett’s testimony. It was encouraging to hear how far Lyzett has come in her life transformation journey, and the sacrifices she’s made to get this home. She shared her daily schedule with us which kicks off at 5am getting 6 kids out the door for drops off & school, then long commute to her job, long work hours and then pick-up kids with her day ending around 7p. She has tremendous love for her kids and is determined to create a healthy home for her family. She also has a heart for others. The family is so kind and generous as they also provided pizza for the volunteers! 

I’m thankful for Deed and Truth and how they continue to build bridges between those who need and want help with those who want to help. We all need each other…we all need a village. Just as our God lives in a community with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we too are to live in community with one another, encouraging and helping each mother out!

As we were working to bring together a home for Lyzett, her home in turn brought us together.

Here’s a quote from Lyzett:

Hello Ms Betty! I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Not just today but through out my journey. Much thank you to Pastor Dan as well and  everyone who came together today to help us begin our new chapter in our lives. I feel like I’m finally normal! 

Today Tony and I had a great time experiencing a blessing from God through you all. We felt the love and kindness  that God has to offer through today in you all as well. I hope to continue to keep in touch and keep working on improving things in my life with your guidance and to follow up with the folks we talked about earlier.

The group that came was amazing. I hope to hear from them soon as well.

Thanks again,

Lyzett and family

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  1. What a wonderful gift for this lovely family. The joy and gratefulness shows through their smiles and laughter.
    Thank you D&T for your amazing work in this holiday season and throughout the year.

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