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Some people groups are so neglected by society they almost feel invisible.

Homeless people often feel this way.  Many seniors say they also feel lonely and neglected. How do you think homeless seniors feel? You got that right!

Both Hope Gardens and the Union Rescue Mission have senior citizens who need someone to show them the love of Jesus simply by giving them attention. Deed and Truth has an ongoing weekly ministry to both of these groups.

At the URM I hold a bible study small group most every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then once a month on Friday we take them to an offsite field trip like a movie theatre or museum. 

On Thursday afternoons we hold a bible study at Hope Gardens for our senior women. Then on the last Thursday of every month we play BINGO for major prizes. No, not really. Yes, we do play BINGO but we don’t have major prizes. Deed and Truth provides the prizes. They don’t seem like much but the ladies are always happy to win a roll of paper towels, hair or hygiene products.

In our bible studies we are going verse-by-verse through the books of John and Acts. It’s highly interactive and we get good interaction. As we are discipling these precious seniors I can see them developing a greater love for Jesus and their fellow residents at the mission.

The ladies told me just this week that this is a powerful example of love and concern because we are consistently showing up to spend time with them. It makes them feel Valued instead of feeling Invisible.

3 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. I love all the pictures. They are so precious as are each and everyone of our seniors. Thank you so much for ministering to them and loving on them. So important that they know they are valued, they are our treasures!

  2. So grateful for the work you’re doing! Sending an extra deposit of love for you to hand out to each of them in spirit, hugs to all. Bryan and Emmy

  3. Great pictures! You can see on their faces that they know they are loved and valued. It is such a great ministry to the seniors, especially the homeless. God loves them and they are reflecting this. God Bless you all.✝️

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