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 This is a picture I took on my morning prayer walk down Skid Row, my new neighborhood.  It’s an interesting mural painted on a wall on San Julian Street.  The title reads… “I Prefer Dangerous Freedom.”


There are many people who “prefer” to live on the street instead of coming inside for shelter to get help.  They prefer the freedom of the street to the accountability of a responsible life.  However, many are mentally ill, many others addicts over-powered by substances, and many others have just experienced too much suffering and have given up on hope.


The streets are home to two kinds of people: predators and prey.  Skid Row offers a very “Dangerous Freedom”.  My heart breaks as I walk by and offer a greeting to any who will make eye contact. 


Will you join me in my praying for a miracle… “God, please end skid row as we know it.  Somehow, someway, may these people find the truth that will truly set them free!”


As I reflect further, Jesus himself preferred dangerous freedom.  He was homeless himself for his entire ministry years, the religious criticized him for hanging out with drunkards and sinners, he preached to the poor, and he touched lepers. 


One more prayer might be appropriate, “God help me to use my freedom to share your love with those who live in dangerous conditions.”

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