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Deed & Truth launched a new ministry called House2Home (H2H) to assist successful Hope Gardens graduates who complete the program, overcome addictions, secure a full time job, save their money and secure housing. Yesterday Daisy and her family became the recipients of the first H2H project.

Daisy recently moved to Palmdale where she can afford rent. She brought her mother into her home to live with them and to watch the children while she is at work. Daisy drives over an hour to work each day where she serves as a case manager for a treatment center for women experiencing trauma, sexual abuse, addictions, and mental health issues.

When we got there she literally had no furniture expect some folding chairs and a folding table she purchased from a discount store. She, her mother, and her five children are living in a two-bedroom apartment and sleeping on air mattresses.

Yesterday Betty and I, along with her children’s teacher and her case manager from Hope Gardens all worked together to transform her apartment while we sent her and her family to the movie and dinner at The Olive Garden.

When they returned it looked quite different. Check out the photos of Daisy’s home and be sure to watch the short video of their response when they came back to their house to find it had become a beautiful home.

BTW: This Thursday D&T is transforming another apartment for Arpa and her son in Sylmar. More on that project next week. If you’d like to help you can donate below.

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