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“When I came to Hope Gardens, not only was I homeless, but I was hopeless.”

Almalinda is our most recent House2Home recipient. The loss of an important person in her life sent her on a path of depression and addiction. Here is her story in her own words.

“God used Hope Gardens to bring light back into my life. I was able to reunify with my children and maintain sobriety. I have almost 4 years sober and I have allowed God into my life. We are truly blessed and thankful. I found myself and am continuing to better myself and my family.

I now work at Hope Gardens as a Program Coordinator. I love working here and being able to give back to the community that helped me. I now have secured permanent housing and am so grateful to everyone who has supported me.

I plan to continue working and going to school to further my career, but most of all, to take in the moment of having a place me and my children can call HOME. Thank you all so very much. The house is beautiful and we LOVE our new HOME!”

A special thanks to the H2H team at All Nations Church for providing many of the household items and the volunteers to make this a reality for Almalinda. Thanks to all who donated furniture and furnishings that have now been repurposed and are proudly on display at Almalinda’s brand new digs. 🙂

And thanks to all of you who support Deed & Truth financially. You are so important to the ministry. We love and appreciate your generosity to the overlooked and under-resourced. 

One thought on “Homeless and Hopeless

  1. This is a beautiful story of redemption. The photos of their home are beautiful too. Praise God for the people involved in this ministry.

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