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Frankie has always desired a place to belong. His search is finally over.

Today Frankie has an awesome job with upward mobility, but this wasn’t his story a few years ago.

He came to the Orange County Rescue Mission a broken and defeated man. At a young age, Frankie joined the gangs in an effort to be connected and find a place to belong. This connection led to a life of drug addiction, dysfunction, violence, and incarceration. The need to be connected was real but Frankie realized his unhealthy connections were destroying his life. 

Through the program at the OC Rescue Mission he got connected to healthy people and most importantly he got connected to Christ. His life has been transformed and his relationship with his family and his son, Frankie Jr., is being restored. 

Frankie’s desire is to live a stable lifestyle and continue to grow a stronger bond with his son. He humbly boasts of the transforming power of Christ, that today he is sober and working hard to stay that way. He emphasized, “You just gotta stay connected to good people and to God. All thanks to God.  It’s all for His Glory.”

A big THANKS to Consolidated Contracting, our newest H2H Partner, for going above and beyond to transform Frankie’s House into a Home. Frankie and Frankie Jr. were so excited to receive not only a completely furnished home, but gifts wrapped under a beautiful Christmas tree. 

For the first time ever, this father and son, decorated their own Christmas tree in their own place… a new family traditional they intend to continue, by the grace of God, every year moving forward… but they will never forget this FIRST CHRISTMAS TOGETHER… clean, sober, and grateful to God… to be in a house that is truly a place they can call home. 

Frankie and Frankie Jr. want to thank all of you at Consolidated Contracting and supporters of Deed and Truth that they are finally HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!




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