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High Noon was not only the name of a Classic Western movie but it’s also what we call our weekday gatherings for the senior men at the URM.

Every day at noon we have created an opportunity for the senior men to have a time for personal growth and development. These include bible classes, small group studies, game times, and field trips.  

I am currently teaching a bible class called Bible Survey which is a summary of the entire 66 books of the bible. I am also doing a study group going through the Gospel of John verse by verse. On Good Friday, we concluded a one-month study on the Passion Week of Christ. Once a week we encourage the men to play card games or board games together. Then once a month on Fridays we take the men off site for a field trip activity to get them away from Skid Row for a few hours to breath different air and get a break from the chaos surrounding the neighborhood and life in a mission.

Please pray for continued participation in our High Noon ministry. Pray that the men at the mission who have graduated and are either in transition or permanent residents in our Ambassador Wing, may continue to push forward and commit themselves to growth and self-improvement.  

Thanks to all of our Deed and Truth donors for making these Personal Development Opportunities a reality for those who can easily get stuck just trying to survive the hardships and misery that exists all around them living on Skid Row.

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  1. Praise God for your ministry Dan among the High Noon Men! And Praise God for the men themselves, committing to being in God’s Word, bonding as brothers in fellowship and being able to get away from the hectic life at the mission. God continues to transform lives at every stage! Thank you!

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