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Julie experienced homeless for 10 years living in and out of motels, cars, and in a tent on skid row. There are reasons why this happened that are heartbreaking.

Julie’s trauma began at the age of 5 when she was physically abused, beaten, and burned by her own mother.  This went on for years. Then as a young adult, feeling devalued and shamed, she stayed in a 16 year dysfunctional relationship with her children’s father who was also an abuser. 

Finally, Julie was tired of living at rock bottom and made the courageous decision to leave her abuser and seek help at a domestic violence shelter. After a short stay they referred her to FAM (Family Assistance Ministries). Through FAM, Julie obtained hope, help, healing, and then housing. In October 2019, she and her two teenage children moved into their own apartment in Garden Grove.  

Julie has been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and short term memory loss due to head trauma and domestic violence. Julie has come to know Jesus as her rescuer, Lord, and Savior. Her life is being transformed from the inside out. She attends Faith Community Church and has been doing Bible studies regularly with her mentor for two years. Julie has a strong desire to help others who’ve experienced similar trauma. Personally, she’s found healing through the arts and cooking. She has a dream of starting a small non-profit business to help other survivors.

This past week our ministry partners at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente sent another incredible H2H team to help turn Julie’s house into a home. She has been in her apartment for two years but hasn’t had some necessary furniture that has been on her wish list.

We also supplied Julie with a new workstation and art materials for her to do Art Therapy which is not only a healing activity but has become a true passion. It’s one of the things in life that brings her peace and joy. 

Thanks to our friends at Pacific Coast Church we were able to encourage Julie in her on-going healing process in some very practical ways. One of the first-time volunteers captured the essence of the ministry effort so well… 

“Yesterday was a great day of working together to help a loving family of three! It was great to be there with you all to shower Julie, Donte, and Danielle with blessings.”


Here is a thank you note from Julie:

“Betty, I can’t thank you and the team enough. You guys are a Godsend. I am so blessed to have you all as “family” now. I just wanted to send my utmost gratitude to everyone involved. Thank you so very much.”


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