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Michelle suffered from congestive heart failure as well as spiritual heart failure.

Now Michelle has a healthy heart for God after being 100% transformed through God’s love and grace. But it’s been a long, hard journey. 

Michelle’s journey has included severe congestive heart failure along with numerous complications associated with her condition, the emotional injuries from toxic relationships, an inability to be a mother to her daughter, and an addiction which led to multiple incarcerations.

In jail, Michelle had to do physical rehab to regain enough strength just to walk again. Once she was released, she entered the Orange County Rescue Mission where she eagerly participated in “anything and everything” they offer to people in recovery.  

Michelle has worked diligently to restore and build her relationship with God, her daughter Skylar, and her extended family. God has totally restored her health as well. In gratitude for all that God has done for her, Michelle is committed to become the best version of herself. She has a strong desire to make the most of the many gifts God has granted her.  

Just recently Michelle finished a degree in business and is working full time as an HR Administrative Assistant. She has also finished the OC Rescue Mission Recovery Program. Michelle is enthusiastic about God’s plan for her future as she transitioned out of the mission this past week and into her own place.

Deed and Truth was elated to honor all of Michelle’s hard work and accomplishments by accepting her House2Home application. The H2H team from Grace Church in Laguna Niguel did the transformative ministry of turning her empty house into a home. Michelle had seen other homes that Deed & Truth has transformed and she was so excited to see what her new home was going to look like. 

Michelle was NOT disappointed. Justin and his hard-working team did a fantastic job. Afterward, Michelle shared her story and everyone’s hearts were strengthened in the Lord. Michelle’s story moved from “heart-failure” to “heart-warming” thanks to God and so many of his people who have been there each step of her journey to a new life in Christ.

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