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In Ephesians 3:20 Paul wrote that God is able to do things far greater than we could ask or imagine. Deed and Truth has experienced evidence of this truth in 2020.

God gave us the vision for a new ministry in 2020 that we call “House2Home”. We vet families experiencing homelessness through the Rescue Missions. They must be graduates of the program, have secured employment, have a sufficient savings account, and a sustainable plan for independent living. Once approved Deed and Truth then comes into their new apartment and completely furnishes and decorates it. Then our goal is to connect them with prayer partners and phone friends to provide a support system as they transition into the next phase of their lives.

In 2020, we initially hoped, prayed, and planned to help 6-8 families turn their houses into a homes. We moved our first family in February. This past weekend we moved two families into their new apartments. Our 21st and 22nd family for 2020. In 11 months God provided the necessary resources to bless 22 families! That’s two a month. As I write this we’re still overwhelmed. We asked for 6-8. We could imagine maybe ten tops. But 22?! God’s power and provision is literally beyond our capacity to imagine.

Here are pictures and videos from the final three homes from the past two weekends. Be sure to watch the short videos and hear how one family has been together for 19 years living in cars, couch surfing, in facilities, and on the street but this is the first time in their own place which we were able to turn into a home!

These families have done the hard work and trusted God to bring them out of homelessness, poverty, unemployment, abuse, suicidal attempts, hurting themselves, addiction, loneliness, and hopelessness. These families are living proof and powerful examples of how God can and does do astounding things far greater than we could ever ask or imagine.

Glory to God for the GREATER THINGS he has done.

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