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Thank you, All Nations Church for partnering with Deed and Truth to make Rachel’s House 2 Home a reality!

Written by All Nations Church:

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

Galatians 6:10

That was the verse of the day on the Bible app the day some team members and I were headed to Burlington to shop for the rest of the items needed in preparation for the following day where we would visit Rachel and furnish and decorate her home. Betty was right–Burlington had just about everything we needed. Truly, “one stop shop and the best prices.” But we also had to note and acknowledge that many of the items had already been claimed or donated by our church members along with Deed and Truth. It was humbling to discover how many people were contributing to this work in blessing our fellow sister in Christ, and I was just grateful to be a part of it.

With Pastor Dan and Betty (after they had dropped off furniture from this truck)

God cares.

Praise God that He knows Rachel far better than we were able to get to know her; Praise God that He does not merely listen but also acts. As Rachel was sharing with us some of her pain and tears, I was struck by how much our Lord cares for this dear sister and is providing for her. She is still navigating how to be a “good” mother to her teenage children who have been reluctant to live with her as a result of having been with their uncle, Tony, for 8 years due to her former unhealthy lifestyle, working through the court system to obtain custody or partial custody of them, praying that God will give her brother peace (as Tony has been struggling especially lately,) and hoping to have a church community that could care for her and her children’s souls. Yet, how beautiful it is to witness a glimpse of Rachel setting her eyes on our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit enabling her to increase her desires for others to know the peace only God can give and helping her grow in Him day-by-day.

Let’s keep praying.

May we continue to lift up our sister, Rachel, and her family. May we be a community that cares.


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  1. It is so encouraging to see all these young people dedicated to being the loving hands of Jesus to Rachel and Jesse ❤

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