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When you have a lot, a little bit isn’t much… But when you have only a little bit, a little bit is a whole lot! Here’s the story of a beautiful soul who has very little and has a whole lot of gratitude for what we were able to do for her family.

Deed & Truth helped Ms. Teresa from Hope Gardens and her daughter turn their house (or apartment) into a cozy home. Here’s a short back- story about her from the pen of her chaplain, Kim Dodd.

“Ms. Teresa, or “TT” as the Moms and children at Hope Garden affectionately call her, is a beautiful soul and one I am forever grateful to have the privilege of knowing. As her Chaplain, I had the opportunity to meet with her each month, but this was not enough for TT. She came twice a month and then, we would often chat in the community about the going-on’s of life.


Life for TT has not been kind or easy. She grew up in Watts and had a tough family. TT has two siblings, a brother and a sister. It has been a heavy burden to watch her siblings struggle. Her husband wasn’t kind and through it all, raising 4 kids (one still at home), caring for her Mom as she aged and became sick, she continued to care and love the kids of others. Being the oldest child in her family, TT willingly carried the burdens of her family on her shoulders, helping out as much as she could. Eventually becoming homeless with her youngest daughter, TT wasn’t sure what was next.

Coming to Hope Gardens began a journey of healing and hope. She came to know the Lord at 8 or 9yr old when her Grandparents faithfully took her to church. Through the difficulties and storms of life, she knew Christ never left her. I quickly discovered that TT looked forward to our times meeting and praying, as did I. It has been a joy to watch God heal her wounds, while helping her become financial stable.

Whenever you saw TT on campus, she always wore a generous smile, free to all. She has a special love for children, especially special needs children. Though unable to take classes, she started learning sign language on her own to help communicate with the kids who struggled with talking.  Now, she has her own place, a home of her own with her daughter… a home where she is able to continue to care for the children of Moms who are working… a home to cook in and invite her children and grandchildren to come visit… a home that is filled with love, but most importantly, is filled with the love of Christ. – Kim Dodd / HG Chaplain

Ms. Teresa is so grateful for the act of love and compassion that Deed & Truth supporters has done for her to furnish her new place and to send her encouragement from God’s Word.  She loves the Lord and loves to read his Word.  Here are her own words of gratitude…

“I always love to here healing, powerful, and encouraging word all my life but right now going through all of this quarantine situations I really need to constantly all day long and I  pray all day asking the Lord to keep me and my daughter safe and strong and thanking the lord for waking us up every morning. 

Mrs. Betty always texts me the most positive and encouraging word that helps me get through the day and that bible book she gave me… I love it!   I just want to thank you, Pastor Dan, and Mrs. Betty, for everything ya’ll have done for me. I love you guys so much from the bottom of my heart.”

– Pastor Dan

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