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Joe had a family, a job on the police force, and a home. But it all came CRASHING down…

Joe was crossing the street when a pizza delivery driver crashed into him and ran him over. He survived but a large portion of his head was gone. Doctors saved his life, did reconstructive surgery, but he suffered a permanent loss of memory and cognitive skills. 

He ended up at the mission after having a difficult time recovering and turning to drugs for pain relief. He lost everything he had built in his life.

Although Joe walks slow, and people might think him slow in other ways, he is quick to encourage those around him, to tell you a joke, to laugh at yours, and to go anywhere out of skid row with his buddies. 

Joe recently celebrated his birthday at Universal Studios with a handful of his best friends from the mission. Joe is like a man child. He finds joy in many things. And his birthday party was no exception. 

Everyone had a great time and Joe put his head on his pillow that night, really tired but really feeling special as well. 

Pray for Joe as he struggles with some basic skills that make everyday life a little more difficult. But don’t pity him. He recently received a settlement and has enough money to move out and get his own place but he wants to stay at the mission… because that’s where he feels safe and loved.

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